4 Things To Look For In A Reliable Gutter Guard

If you’re asking yourself, when did gutters get so complicated? They’re just gutter guards, right? Well the good news is that your choice of gutter guards can be simple if you know what to look for in a reliable gutter guard. In this short write up, we will take you through six features you should look for in a quality gutter protection system.

What to Look for in a Reliable Gutter Guard

An important function of a gutter guard is the relationship between water throughput and debris prevention. Simply put a gutter protection system should take in the most reasonable amount of water while allowing in the least amount of junk into the gutter. This “sweet spot” allows for you to get the most functionality out of the protection system, allowing you to have peace of mind that your gutter will function and never clog.

Systems with a quality screen have passed the test of time, proving the most water throughput and debris prevention. Look for a screen made with a surgical grade stainless steel for the best resistance to clogging. However, the screen is only as good as its support. Just like a home is nothing without a quality foundation, the screen must have integrity to withstand whatever nature throws its way. Fallen branches, heavy debris accumulation or small animals, give way to the possibility of the screen failing, simply by not allowing it to remain in its intended position over time. A quality gutter filter frame will be made from steel or a thick gauge aluminum. The frame should not be made from a thin sheet of metal or cheap plastics.

How to Choose a Gutter Guard

Speaking on the importance of the gutter frame we need to mention the purpose of keeping the gutter guard in the intended position. A quality gutter guard will be positioned at an angle that allows debris and leaves to flow from the roof, to the gutter guard, and finally onto the ground.

A gutter guard that lays too flat or is positioned backwards towards the roof this can cause debris accumulation or water flowing back towards the roof. Water flowing back towards the roof can be a cumbersome issue as it allows for unnecessary moisture near your soffit and fascia board. Having a product that intuitively follows the roof line is your best bet for a reliable gutter guard.

One of the questions our team receives on a consistent basis is, how will the debris come off of the gutter guard?” As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the position of the gutter filter is important but there is another aspect that contributes to ensuring that debris can easily come off the gutter.

In order to create a self-cleaning gutter guard system, the screen must have a feature that allows for the debris to not lay flat on the screen. That is why our product at Four Seasons Gutter Filter has a raised screen. This feature allows for debris to be staggered and “funneled” off of the gutter.

The raised screen helps with offsetting debris allowing the wind to assist in blowing off the leaves. Of course, it is important to mention that each home has its own debris loads depending on the concentration of trees and the type of leaves that fall, because of this some gutter filter system may require some maintenance many years in the future. As testing has shown this type of required maintenance is very rare for gutter filter products like the ones we have at Four Seasons Gutter Filter but it is something to keep in mind when choosing gutter guards.

Gutter Guard Systems at Four Seasons Gutter Filter

The team at Four Seasons Gutter Filter can help you understand this process with our trained estimators that will guide you through the specifics of your home gutter system! Give us a call for a free estimate at (844) 345-8374. or fill out our online contact form.

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