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Gutter Guard FAQ’s

Have questions about gutter guards? Below you will find a list of the questions most frequently asked by our clients, along with the answers to help give you a better idea of how gutter guards work.

Will gutter guards work on my home?

Gutter guards come in many different configurations, one purpose is to fit into the different types of gutter and roof configurations. To answer this question its important to understand that what type of gutter guard works best is having the best configuration for your home’s specific needs. At Four Seasons Gutter Filter we have the benefit of having direct access to our manufactures in America. That means we can have our gutter guard custom made for your homes specific need. Our Gutter Guard will work on nearly every possible gutter and roof configuration. Ask one of our estimators about how the gutter guard will fit specifically for your home.

What is the product made of?

The product has four important components that make it great. The first is the steel frame that provides integrity to the gutter guard. The second is the louvered design that helps siphon roof water. The third is our surgical grade stainless steel that is guaranteed to never clog, rust, or corrode. The final function of our gutter guard that makes it so great is our raised screen design. This raised screen is the only one on the market because of the patented design and is made to function as a channel for debris to flow off the gutter guard.

How long does a typical install last

We have a saying here at Four Seasons Gutter Filter and it is, “A job will take as long at it takes to do a great job”. And we firmly stand by that by giving our four-promise guarantee. Within that promise we ensure that no job is complete until you are 100% satisfied. However, most homes can typically be completed in one day, but again this all depends on the size and complexity of the work.

What happens if we sell our home?

If you sell your home, great! We give you a lifetime transferable warranty. We believe in our product so much that we guarantee that our product will work for the next homeowner as well.

What kind of warranty comes with the project?

The warranty is a lifetime transferable no clog warranty. We ensure that the gutter guard will never clog. If there is every any issues with your gutter guard system just call our support line at (844) FILTER4.

How does your "Four Promise Guarantee" work

We guarantee that customers will always be our top priority. Customers will never pay unless 100% satisfied with our craftsmanship of work. Customers receive our 100% no-clog, money-back lifetime transferable warranty. Customers will never put any money down. Once the job is scheduled, the customer will receive our price protection guarantee for 10 days to beat any product with the same type of quality and/or warranties we offer.

Will I have to clean out my gutters before you install the gutter guard?

Included in every installation of our gutter guards receives our clean, seal, repair and reinforce package. Our trained installers will clean out your gutters and downspouts completely. They will seal all seams of the gutter. As well, they will repair and reinforce the gutters with internal hangers. Included are any needed gutter components that your existing gutter and downspouts may require.

Will I need to replace my gutters?

If you are concerned with the condition of your gutters, have our trained estimators inspect your gutter system. We can show you the condition of your gutters and confirm whether our gutter guards are a good fit for your current gutter system. If your gutters do need to be replaced, we are the gutter experts and can install any kind of gutter.

Where is the product made?

Our products are all proudly made in the USA.

Do you offer financing?

Yes! Please contact us to find out about our offers that will work best for you.

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