5 Pests That May Be Hiding in Your Gutters

Getting rid of pests on one’s property is a seasonal task, and no critter can be more frustrating than one that is good at hiding. It comes as a shock to most homeowners that many different types of bugs, birds and rodents can make home inside the gutter. In this short blog were going to show the common types of pests we have found in gutters and how you can prevent this.


One of the most common and annoying critters we have found in gutters is mosquitos. Homeowners without pools are often confused as to why they still have so many mosquitoes in their backyard. It is easy to understand how mosquitos can find standing water when gutters are clogged. A gutter can be like a swamp when left to the elements, and this makes a perfect home for the mosquito. An easy way to avoid this is to ensure that your gutters are clean and clear of any standing water. This can be done through cleaning multiple times per season or using “gutter guards”.


Another bug we typically see in a homeowner’s gutters is wasps. Wasps love to make homes inside the gutter as it provides a shaded area that is easy to build their nest. Sometimes it is easy to find the wasps under the eaves but sometimes were shocked to find that they are still around the home even after we have cleared their nests. That is why it is good to look inside the gutters to find any nests. You can skip this chore all together and have a professionally installed gutter guard system that has a fine mesh screen. This fine mesh screen prevents the wasps from flying in and out of the gutter efficiently, making it useless for them to make a nest inside.


Pigeon seems to be the most troublesome inside the gutters, as they usually make the most noise and their excrement can cause damage to the home. We have all seen pigeons on roofs but it’s rarely seen that their nests reside inside the gutter. This is obvious as it provides a good support structure as well as a shaded area. Having generations of pigeon family’s party and poop on your home is not what we can allow. Shoo them off to the neighbor’s gutters and get gutter guards that will prevent them from ever making a home on your home, again.

Squirrels and Mice

The last two pests that we rarely see but folks are surprised to find, are squirrels and mice. It’s puzzling to wonder why these critters would want to climb on the roofs but we find them inside the gutter from time to time. We usually only find them when they are dead inside the gutter.

This blog has far been the grossest topic we have covered, but it’s the reality of how critters live. At Four Seasons Gutter Filter, we want to anything we can to prevent pests from making a home on your home! Our Number 1 rated gutter protection system can prevent water damage and keep you off the ladder! Find out more about our company, gutter guards for pests, and home safety tips from one of our trained estimators.

Gutter Guard Systems at Four Seasons Gutter Filter

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