5 Signs you Need a Gutter Protection System

In this article, we’re going to outline “5 Signs you need a gutter protection system”.

Signs of Clogged Gutters

1. Have you ever heard of “Tiger Striping” and no I’m not making a reference to Tiger King, I’m talking about the rainwater that runs over the front lip of your gutter. You know, that gutter that’s packed full of leaves, dirt, and debris. Well that water builds up minerals, and runs right over the front of the gutter causing massive discoloration, and ultimately making the home look, well, not so good. That’s just one of the signs you need to do something about your gutters.

So now that you’re familiar with Tiger Striping let’s take a look at some other signs, and find out if new gutter guards are right for you, or at minimum hopefully provide you with some things to look for and help you notice signs of clogged gutters!

2. That persistent drip, that just won’t go away… You know, the one you hear night after night, while you’re trying to drift away to snoozeville. The debris that has built up in your gutter over the years time and time again has slowly started wearing away the baked enamel on the inside of the gutter causing rust, and ruining the protective caulking found in most gutter seams. This allows water to escape the gutter, and gravities, gonna do the rest. Water will go where it goes. As a part of Four Seasons Gutter Filter’s four step process we will first clean out the gutter, then we will apply a fifty year sealant to all corners, end caps, and seams preventing water from escaping in the future, and when your new gutter guards are put on it will prevent future buildup and damage to the gutters!

3. Earlier in this article we mentioned, water flowing over the front of the gutter. Chances are the water is also flowing over the back of the gutter as well. This is evident if your home has wood rot around the roof line of the home. This is a costly repair that could have been prevented with the purchase of the Nation’s best gutter guard system, offered by Four Seasons Gutter Filter™!

4. How many trees do you have around your home? If you mentioned even one tree, that’s probably another sign you’d need some form of protection. When a tree sheds its leaves it doesn’t just shed them all at once and wham it’s done. So when you get up there to clean them, chances are they’re going to fill up again pretty quickly. Now even when a small amount of time goes by, the leaves that are beginning to re-line your gutters are drying out, and this can become a fire hazard. Fires spread from home to home, typically because of dried leaves in the gutters. All it takes is one ember to hit a patch of dry leaves, and your investment is in grave peril.

5. Last but not least, if you notice discoloration along the side of your home that’s a sign that your gutters are clogged. What’s taking place in this scenario is the gutters are clogged and you’re getting a waterfall going over the gutter. The splash back from the water hitting the ground and then bouncing back onto the siding of the home. Over time the minerals in the water destroy the siding.

There you have it, pay attention to these signs to take care of the “outdoor plumbing for your home!

Gutter Guard Systems at Four Seasons Gutter Filter

The team at Four Seasons Gutter Filter can help you understand this process with our trained estimators that will guide you through the specifics of your home gutter system! Give us a call for a free estimate at (844) 345-8374. or fill out our online contact form.

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