How Gutter Guards Can Improve the Safety of Your Home

When it comes to home maintenance, gutters often aren’t top of mind when all is working well. A properly-maintained, well-designed system directs water away from your home and through downspouts. When neglected, though, gutters can cause more trouble than you might expect.

The best gutter guard leaf protection systems actually have a lot of pros:

Gutter Guards Minimize Maintenance Chores

Without a gutter guard in place, leaves and debris can quickly pile up. Homeowners must climb their ladders to scoop out clogged leaves, dirt, and other trapped debris by hand. The job is messy – and at times, even stinky. Gutter guards work as a physical barrier, keeping debris out while allowing rainwater to pass through with ease. Think of gutter guards as a sort of reverse colander; just like on pasta night, a rain gutter filter helps strain out the water and separate the liquid from the solid. Fewer bits of solid waste means fewer clogs – all the less reason to have to climb your ladder and remove them manually.

Gutter Guards Reduce the Risk of Injury

Hauling out the ladder and climbing the steps to your gutters isn’t just annoying – it can be downright dangerous. More than 800,000 Americans are hospitalized each year from slips, trips, and falls. Avoiding heights can help minimize your risk of injury around the house. Since the best gutter guards for your home keep leaves and debris from clogging your gutters, you’ll minimize the need to scale that ladder and clean gutters yourself. The less time spent on a ladder, the safer you’ll be!

Gutter Guards Prevent Flooding

A rain gutter filter can make all the difference when it comes to protecting your home from flooding. When a gutter is clogged, things get messy and can have long-term consequences. Instead of running through the gutter and out the downspout, water may spill over the sides. That moisture may even find its way into your home’s foundation, forming cracks as the water freezes. This kind of damage can significantly weaken the structural integrity of your home.

Sometimes, overflowing gutters can even cause water to run down the side of your home and into your basement. Pools of water can form incredibly quickly, flooding your home before you even realize there’s an issue. Interior water damage can be expensive and time-consuming. In some cases, mold growth may even become a problem. With gutter protection guards in place, all that stress and damage can be avoided.

Gutter Guards Keep Pests at Bay

While you might not like the thought of it, bugs, mice, and other creatures are constantly trying to move into your home. This is especially true as the seasons change – just as you burrow under the covers during the cold winter months, the pests from your yard are eager to get warm, too. By prioritizing gutter maintenance, you can mitigate some of the worst types of creepy crawlies from moving into your gutters.

When leaves and debris clog up your gutters, bugs and mice see the perfect opportunity to set up their new nests. Clogged gutters often mean that water is sitting stagnant for weeks, inviting mosquitos and other pests to breed. Mice, snakes, birds, and even bees find clogged gutters appealing, too. With a rain gutter filter in place, though, you can eliminate the clogs that critters find so irresistible.

Gutter Guards Protect Your Roof

If debris clogs your gutters, the backed up water can cause damage to your roof. Water damage to the fascia boards that make up the basis of your roof can jeopardize the health and integrity of every shingle. Rot can set in quickly. You may even begin to spot leaks or stains on your ceiling. In a worst-case scenario, you may need to replace your entire roof.

With gutter guard protection in place, it’s easy to prioritize the health of your roof. Effective guards keep debris out of the gutter, ensuring free and easy movement for rainwater.

Gutter Guards Preserve Landscaping

Whether you’re a passionate gardener or just want to preserve the integrity of the existing landscaping, you’ll want a rain gutter filter installed as soon as possible. Clogged gutters cause drainage issues. When excess water falls on plants, shrubs, and grass, your hard work gets washed away. Concentrated, heavy flows can threaten the health of the plant life below.

Shrubs and plants are aesthetically pleasing, but they’re also important to the ecosystem of your property. Greenery like trees can provide shade in the summer, adding extra insulation for your home. Without a gutter debris filter in place, you put these extra benefits at risk.

Gutter Guard Systems at Four Seasons Gutter Filter

The team at Four Seasons Gutter Filter can help you understand this process with our trained estimators that will guide you through the specifics of your home gutter system! Give us a call for a free estimate at (844) 345-8374. or fill out our online contact form.

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