Plastic vs Metal Gutter Guards: Which Should You Choose?

Plastic vs metal gutter guards

There are multiple types of gutter guards out there & it is important you choose the right material. When discussing the difference between plastic and metal gutter guards, the emphasis is on the frame or “body” of the system. This frame gives integrity as well as functionality to the gutter guard system.  Here is the difference between metal & plastic gutter guards.

A great gutter guard should only be installed once! So, when deciding whether it is better to have plastic vs. metal gutter guards, it’s important to think from a scientist’s perspective. To answer this, we need to understand what kind of effects these materials will encounter over time. Gutters are exposed to the elements 365 days a year, so it’s easy to see how some materials may not be suited for some climates. For example, plastic or vinyl gutter guards are not well suited for climates that get hot or have fluctuating temperatures. Plastic and vinyl have a difficult time with heat as well as expanding and contracting. Having this type of material in these types of climates will lead to cracking warping and the eventual breakdown of the gutter guard. There are some benefits to choosing plastic or vinyl but only so that it may be a cheaper material cost. A metal frame gutter guard has its pros and cons as well.

Metal gutter guard

Having the right materials match with gutters can be an important factor when deciding the type of metal gutter guards, you need. For example, a gutter that is may aluminum is best suited for a gutter guard with an aluminum frame. The combination of steel and aluminum will cause a reaction overtime that will lead to corrosion. To check for yourself what kind of materials your gutters are made of simply use a magnet. Once the right material is paired the benefits are numerous. Metal gutter guards are more resistant to heat and changing temperature, as well they have more strength allowing the gutter guard to absorb falling branches from trees. So, if you match the right type of metals with your gutters and gutter guard system you will see the best overall benefits.

So, plastic vs metal gutter guards? The winner is clear. Metal gutter guards will give you the most longevity when paired with the correct material. You may pay more on materials such as aluminum or copper, but the benefits outweigh any cost because you have only done the project once, not several times! Still, have questions about what type of gutter guard is best for you? Have our estimators show you what type of materials your gutters are made of and what type of gutter guard is best suited for your home!

Gutter Guard Systems at Four Seasons Gutter Filter

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