Why Keeping Your Gutters Clean Is So Important

Most times when driving through a neighborhood it is easy to spot a rental home. It has the telltale signs: an uncut lawn, fading paint, generally lacking upkeep, and plants growing out of the gutters. Homeowners care about how their homes look, and it really shows when the homeowner cares. There needs to be more said about why keeping your gutters clean is so important.

Why Gutter Cleaning Is Important

We talk a lot about keeping your gutters clog free and because there are so many reasons, but to understand why we need to know why gutters are so important. Have you ever seen homes without gutters? You usually do not but when you do see a home without gutters you see the signs: sinking areas in the perimeter of the home, water damage to the siding, water damage on the fascia, rafter tails, or soffit, and erosion of the vegetation around the home. The good news is most homeowners have gutters, but these issues will happen if those gutters are not clog free.

Not cleaning your gutters can have a compounding effect for when they are not maintained it can lead to additional problems. Gutters that are not clean can cause issues to the roof by allowing an additional amount of moisture around the perimeter of the roof. This happens when the gutters are clogged and its for two reasons, first the clogged gutter holds water near the roof and second is when a gutter is clogged water can flow backwards towards the roof instead of over the top of the gutter. The latter scenario is uncommon but is possible.

Clogged gutters are a yearly nuisance, but keeping your gutters well maintained will help preserve the longevity of your home. The outside appearance of a home reflects how much the homeowner appreciated the home.

Gutter Guard Systems at Four Seasons Gutter Filter

The team at Four Seasons Gutter Filter can help you understand this process with our trained estimators that will guide you through the specifics of your home gutter system! Give us a call for a free estimate at (844) 345-8374. or fill out our online contact form.

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