Why Your Home Should Have Stainless Steel Gutter Guards

When considering a remodel project, it is important to understand the type of materials that become a part of your home. In helping make that decision, it is useful to have a “chemists’ mindset” when thinking about the usefulness and possible reactions that certain materials will have with your house. In this short blog we are going to discuss the pitfalls to avoid when choosing a gutter guard that will affix to your gutters.

Gutters earned their reputation! They are dirty and annoying to deal with! This is because they are exposed to what mother nature throws at our homes throughout the year. Galvanized steel or a thick gauge aluminum is regarded in the industry as the most durable gutter materials. Plastic or vinyl gutters have a shorter lifespan and susceptible to higher rates of warping or degradation depending on your climate. So, an important first step in understanding what type of gutter guard you should have on your home, is to know what your gutter is made of. This can be done by simply using a magnet to determine the metals properties, plastic gutters are easy to spot by simply looking at them.

Stainless Steel Gutter Guard

After you have determined what materials your gutter is made of, the next step would be to match those metals with your gutter guard. Again, from a “chemist mindset” we know that bare steel and aluminum have corrosive interaction over time. This process is called galvanic corrosion. The reaction can happen quickly for the combination of gutters and gutter guards when you consider that screws that are needed to join the two systems create more exposed metal by creating holes in the gutter. All of this may sound complicated, but it is simple. Plainly put, pair the metals together. Steel gutters should have a stainless-steel gutter guard, aluminum gutters should have a thick gauge aluminum gutter guard.

If this still sounds like uncharted territory, consider having a trained professional examine your gutter system. Our gutter experts can determine the type of gutter you have and the correct type of gutter guard system. At Four Seasons Gutter Filter we offer aluminum, cooper and steel that has a protective baked on enamel in a color that can match your gutters! Most gutters are made from steel so it is likely you will benefit from a stainless-steel gutter guard system, but it is always better safe than sorry.

Gutter Guard Systems at Four Seasons Gutter Filter

The team at Four Seasons Gutter Filter can help you understand this process with our trained estimators that will guide you through the specifics of your home gutter system! Give us a call for a free estimate at (844) 345-8374. or fill out our online contact form.

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