Types of Gutter Guards

During your research of picking the best type of gutter guard for your home, the process can become confusing when considering all of the available options. In order to simplify the process, we broke down the types of gutter guard systems into four categories: D.I.Y brand, screen filter systems, louver systems, and gutter fillers.

Best Types of Gutter Guards for Your Home

D.I.Y brands typically involve products seen at major retailers or warehouse supply stores. By design these are the simplest types of gutter guard. They typically involve thin pieces of aluminum or plastic that follow a chain link fence design, or have stamped holes to allow water flow. These types of products are considered in the industry to be a temporary solution. Over time these products allow small debris to enter and will eventually clog. Along with this, the gutter system may go years without clogging but will allow for debris and roofing materials to cause corrosion or rust to occur.

Gutter fillers are an interesting evolution of these products as they are long pieces of plastic foam that fill the entire gutter. In use, they prevent debri from accumulating as there is no space left in the gutter. This type of gutter guard is again seen as a temporary solution as small debris continue to amass at the bottom of the gutter. Also, the verdict is still out as to whether or not these products deteriorate over time and cause harmful plastics to spill out around the home via the downspouts.

Louver types of gutter guard systems involve either full gutter replacement as seen with the Byers Leaf Guard product or installing a louver system into the gutter and roof, as seen with products known as gutter helmet. The products use a reverse curve in their system and make use of the fact that water will adhere to surfaces. This louver will guide the water into the gutter as it comes off the roof, and in theory will prevent leaves and debris from coming into the gutter. However, most of these products come with limitations in their warranty as they know that any system that is not completely closed off will eventually allow debris into the gutter.

Gutter filter types of gutter guard systems involve the use of a tight mesh screen, 50 micron openings in the screen or less. These systems are designed to prevent even the smallest of debris from entering the gutter while also allowing a high flow of water. When installed correctly, they can be guaranteed to last longer than the life of the gutter system itself. However, these types of gutter guard systems may require some maintenance if the home has many surrounding trees, but the maintenance is very simple. This maintenance may involve sweeping the system off with a small handled broom in the affected areas. These types of gutter guard systems are generally regarded as the best value solution, as they don’t require replacement of the gutter system, prevent debris from entering the gutter and require the least amount of maintenance.

When searching for the best types of gutter systems that will fit your home make sure to understand the installation process fully before having it professionally installed. Not all gutter guard systems are safely installed onto certain types of roofs. It is also important to make sure that the warranty you receive will guarantee the gutter guard system and the gutter itself will not clog.

Gutter Guard Systems at Four Seasons Gutter Filter

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